Rochdale Sixth Form College is celebrating

10 years of outstanding success

Our college

It really is all those intangible things that make RSFC so successful. You can call it a philosophy or call it a culture, or a vision but we just call it the way we do things.

We have a tireless dedication to improving the standards of academic achievement for our students and a passionate commitment to their success through a culture of high expectation and aspiration.

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"Choosing business was a great decision as I enjoyed learning about all the different aspects of business and applying it to the real world."

Sarah Down

"I have loved studying drama and theatre studies at RSFC, mostly due to the type of people this subject attracts and the environment within the classroom. It is a class where you create relationships with other people very differently to any other subject and you know that you and your opinions will always be appreciated."

Grace Elcock

"As well as being fascinating, philosophy and religious studies avoids the tediousness of pure memorisation and is emphatic in its need for your opinion, making it challenging in the best possible way. Foundational critical thinking skills are developed in tandem with a wonderfully engaging course."

Joe Pugh

"Spanish A level is a great opportunity to learn about Spanish culture and history, as well as developing the invaluable skill of being able to speak another language. You will develop a range of transferable skills that can be used in other subjects, in particular an ability to succinctly communicate different ideas and concepts."

Isabella Despositos