Students hold political debate with local councillors

Students hold political debate with local councillors

Published: 29th January 2020

We recently welcomed local councillors to the college to attend their politics enrichment session.

Councillor Rachel Massey, Councillor Kieran Heakin and Graham Baker (electoral services officer) spoke about their roles and how they entered into politics. Graham Baker encouraged students to register to vote from the age of 16.

The students held a debate with the councillors on topics such as Brexit and why there was no second referendum, opinions on the December election and the future of Labour’s leadership.

Year 12 student, Ella Pogson, who attended the debate said, “It was nice to hear local voices and to listen to what is happening in Rochdale.  We hear all about national politics so it was really interesting to see what local politics is like and what it involves.”

The 12-week politics enrichment programme explores various topics such as passing of legislation, race, multiculturism and how past politics affect decisions of today.  This motivates the students to take part in debates, comment and evaluate on the nature of politics.

Megan Partington, teacher of psychology and politics enrichment said, “The debate was thought-provoking and the students significantly benefitted from and enjoyed discussing their views with people involved in front line politics. It was also very informative for the students to hear about how important local politics is for them and the impact that getting involved locally can have.”

Councillor Rachel Massey said, “It’s great to see how engaged young people are in politics and learning about democracy. I am so pleased to see the college offer their students this opportunity to enrich their knowledge. Democracy plays a huge part in everyday life and it’s so important that we empower our students to use their voice.”

All students at Rochdale Sixth Form College get involved and complement their academic studies by taking part in an extensive enrichment programme, which focuses on developing the same essential skills to support progression to higher education and employment. You can find out more about the programme on our website

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