Student Union

Learning From Our Students

Rochdale Sixth Form College places a very strong emphasis on the involvement of its students in the running and organisation of the College. We are keen to ensure that students shape our future direction and seek student views through focus groups, questionnaires and the Student Union. Each tutor group has a Student Voice representative and they are responsible for bringing the views of his or her peers to the Union meetings. The Student Union is led by the Student Executive with the President and Vice President being student governors.

The build up to the election of the executive can involve some spirited poster campaigns and mass 'charm offensives' from the determined candidates!

Ethan Marriott

Student Union President

"Hi, I'm Ethan and I was elected as President of the Student Union. This year I'm looking forward to building student input into all parts of college life and ensuring students continue to have a say on our education here at RSFC."

Natasha Waddington

Student Voice Coordinator

"Hi, I'm Natasha Waddington and I was elected as Student Voice Coordinator. I'm really excited to help organise events in the college as well as raise some money for our chosen charities. I wanted to be part of the Student Union so I could voice opinions of other students to help make the college the best it can be"

The Student Union allows you to get involved in the planning and coordination of all aspects of student affairs, including student welfare, amenities and social activities. You will put forward the views of all students to the Principal and deal with requests from students. You will liaise with other Student Unions and with the National Union of Students regarding a variety of issues relating to the development of young people. This will help you to develop the characteristics of responsibility, leadership and service to others.