Staff & students raise money for British Heart Foundation

Staff & students raise money for British Heart Foundation

Published: 1st February 2019

We would just like to say a big thank you to everyone who contributed to our Health Week event – whether that was donating money or taking part in our rowing and eating/drinking challneges.

We raised a brilliant £291.08 for the British Heart Foundation.  A great amount for a college that is charitable throughout the year.

Below are the top students and staff that completed the furthest distance (in metres) during their 5 minute row. Prizes to follow:

Male Staff:

  1. Andrew Farrimond (1410 metres)
  2. Chris Reddy (1375 metres)
  3. Bryn Jones (1370 metres)

Female Staff:

  1. Sarah Kirk (1089 metres)
  2. Lauren Sherriff (1033 metres)

Male Students:

  1. Alekis Valentine (1427 metres)
  2. Luke Nicholls (1404 metres)
  3. Matt Greenwood (1375 metres)

Female Students:

  1. Kasandra Amanowska (1246 metres)
  2. Izzy Whiteley (1159 metres)
  3. Lauren Hughen (1077 metres)

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