Rochdale’s Roaring Success at Chester Zoo

Rochdale’s Roaring Success at Chester Zoo

Published: 18th December 2017

Rochdale Sixth Form College’s Business students recently spent the day at Chester Zoo to find out just how their business model and practices have been such a roaring success.

Chester Zoo has been named the best zoo in the UK, and with 1.6 million visitors they are the UK’s most visited paid-for attraction outside of London.

The 23 students who took part in the visit are currently studying for the BTEC Business qualification at Rochdale Sixth Form College and are all hoping to have a career in business once they complete their studies.

When they arrived at the Zoo they took part in an educational workshop covering political, legal and economic factors influencing the Zoo.  They were then able to explore the Zoo and obtain evidence for their assignment which was a great highlight for them.

Business student at Rochdale Sixth Form College, Bruno Ejsmont said: “The trip was so useful as well as being great fun.  It enabled us to gain an in-depth insight into the business practices of the Zoo.  It was so good to see a real life business in operation”

Bryn Jones, Teacher of Business said: “It was extremely beneficial for the students to see a real business in action and apply the theories they’ve learned in class to the real world. They really engaged with the staff and asked lots of insightful questions which provided invaluable information for them to use in their assignments”