One Good Thing Competition

One Good Thing Competition

Published: 15th January 2021

One Good Thing Competition


In the current circumstances thinking about the good moments is especially important. Recently RSFC students took part in the ‘One Good Thing’ competition. The brief was simple: without discussing politics, name one good thing about 2020.

Dame Pam Coward, who chaired RSFC’s governing body since (before) the college started, and now chairs the Altus Education Partnership, kindly agreed to judge the competition entries. Dame Pam commented, “I really enjoyed reading these – the writing was of a lovely quality with the best of them expressing a very personal and often powerful musing on life. Thanks to everyone who entered, for trusting their writing to this reader who is unknown to them. I am touched by that. I’d like to wish you all a successful and productive future.”

In first place, Jake Gretton: “A woman named Jennie Stejna, a 103 year old grandmother displayed excellent spirit we should all be admirable of when she went through a turbulent time after testing positive for Covid. Even when times looked bleak for her, when her husband asked are you ready to go to heaven she replied “hell yes!”.

“But on May 13th she received the good news she recovered and celebrated in the best way possible, (with a can of cold bud light) and I’ve attached a picture of her in all her glory!“


Dame Pam awarded Jake first place for “his piece considering and admiring the astonishing resilience of extreme old age.” Remarking, “I share his awe of that.”

Jake wins a copy of Human Kind by Rutger Bregman, and £50 to the charity of his choice, Trussell Trust food bank

In second place, Miraj Ali, Dame Pam commented, “Miraj took a very personal view of the importance of friendship, writing about it most poetically with some beautiful phrasing in there”:


“Happiness can be found in even the most darkest of times if one only remembers to turn on the light”- Dumbledore, Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban

2020 has been a tumultuous year however if anything that has just inspired me to try my best to find the positive light within it. For me personally that has been seeking the most out of friendships. This year especially it has been more important than ever to have people that you keep in regular contact with (whether that be via text or video call etc.) to keep each others spirits raised especially when we were all stuck at home. For me personally, without two friends (one of whom I didn’t even speak to that much before April), I wouldn’t have been able to get through 2020 as I did and if anything, the pandemic made our friendships stronger as we actively sought solace from each other. Despite having not been able to meet up with the,  due to the pandemic, having more of our own time to talk and discuss whatever has allowed us to get to know each other and somewhat of a much more deeper level.”

Miraj also wins a copy of Human Kind by Rutger Bregman, and £30 to the charity of her choice, Muslim Hands –

In third place Omar Afzal who wrote his piece with all the vigour and verve of an accomplished short story writer who wished to maintain the interest of his reader to his very last word.

I think one of the best things that has happened in 2020 is how quickly everyone has adapted to working from home and how everyone has become familiar with using the internet for things like shopping, education, etc. My hope is that this remains the same after covid has gone and helps the world stop climate change in its tracks, perhaps saving us from another global catastrophe in the future. We’d hopefully be more prepared for future pandemics after having dealt with one that’s affected us so massively (from what I remember of the ebola epidemic, and I assume of others, not much change came after it, presumably because it hadn’t had enough of an impact on us to warrant any change), and hopefully we’d have inspired more people to go into epidemiology. The optimist in me hopes that in the long run, covid will have saved more lives than we’ve lost to it. 

Omar wins a copy of Human Kind by Rutger Bregman, and £20 to the charity of his choice,

The quality of all the entries was extremely high and Dame Pam wanted to give special mentions to   Bonita Chimene Eduardo-Figueiredo, Heathcliff Howard, Emma Louise Moody, and Nabiha Khanom – they all got to nominate a charity to receive a donation of £10.  Their chosen charities are: and

All entrants also received an exclusive, and much sought after, RSFC fridge magnet.