Mock General Election

Mock General Election

Published: 15th June 2017

In line with the UK General Election that took place on 8th June, RSFC students had the opportunity to cast their votes and have their say in their very own College Mock Election.

Students of all ages were encouraged to read each party’s manifesto and make their own decisions, with materials displayed around the College to give them some guidance on their final say. A polling station was set up in Forum, manned by our Student Performance and Development Leaders, allowing each student to vote in confidence as they would in a real election.

Jacob Risby, Year 12 student said: “It was great to take part in the College election. As many of us are 17 years of age, we aren’t able to vote yet and we’ll only get the opportunity to do so next time. I enjoyed being able to look at the different party manifestos and make up my own mind – it was brilliant preparation for the real thing and definitely helped us get into the spirit of it!”

Nicola Knott, Student Performance and Development Leader for British Values and Social Development said: “We were thrilled with the student participation in the election this year. Our students all took their votes seriously and there was a lot of discussions about the various manifestos and parties. Our results didn’t reflect the national results, but show an awareness amongst our students of the issues that matter to them.”