Manchester Climbing Centre Trip

Manchester Climbing Centre Trip

Published: 3rd November 2017

Rochdale Sixth Form College students put their strength and endurance skills to the test over the half term as they took part in an intensive climbing course at Manchester Climbing Centre.

There were over fifty students who took part in the climbing charge as part of their A-Level Physical Education course.  Many of the students had never done climbing before yet still managed to complete the intense climbing course where they faced challenging rock faces at difficult gradients.

In addition to the actual climbing, the students were taught the essential rock climbing skill called ‘belaying’.  The skill of belaying is crucial for maintaining climbing safety as it is the technique of holding the climbing rope for a climber so that they are safe if they fall off the rock, as well as preventing them from hitting the ground if they take a leader fall or a fall while top-roping.

A-Level student William Armour who took part in the course said: “Rock Climbing is something I’ve always wanted to try. I tend to compete in the usual sports like football and rugby, but my experience at Manchester Climbing Centre is something that will be a great memory from my time at the College.”

Tom Halliday, Rochdale Sixth Form’s Subject Leader for Physical Education said: “The experience for our students was incredible. Manchester Climbing Centre boasts an excellent facility for climbers of all abilities. The progress the students made during the week was fantastic and I am really proud of them all”.