The RSFC Honours Programme

Developing, nurturing and perfecting core skills required to progress in to higher education.

The Programme

We have created a bespoke Honours Programme to develop, nurture and perfect the core skills required to progress to the most prestigious universities and courses. Our Honours Programme will form an essential component in the success strategy of our students and will support you in developing the required skills to become the next Medic, Lawyer, Entrepreneur, Psychologist, Artist or Mathematician.

The Honours Programme is split into four pathways to allow you to select activities that are relevant to your future career aspirations.

The Pathways

The Humanities Pathway will provide you with the opportunity to develop your knowledge and understanding, within the realms of Social Science and Humanities. The topic of crime will be the main focus of this programme, you will use your investigatory skills to understand and explain the nature and occurrence of crime. Using theories and research from various subjects such as Psychology, History and Philosophy, you will be able to apply your new found knowledge to critically consider the problem of crime within the UK from various different perspectives.

Throughout the programme you will undergo a series of sessions that will further develop essential core skills that are not only vital for further education, but are lifelong and transferable to the workplace. The other subjects that this programme will encompass are; Geography, Health and Social Care and Sociology.

The Law, Business and ICT Honours pathway is designed to give you a head start in an ever increasingly competitive legal and commercial world!

As the A-Level specifications can be quite narrow, you will gain an insight into some of the more practical areas of law, such as benefits, housing and employment. You will be required to research exactly as a barrister or solicitor would, using sources such as Acts of Parliament, cases and the Citizens’ Advice Bureau.

Once the right legal knowledge has been gathered, you will set up a Law Clinic which gives free and accessible legal advice. This will be done through a professional website as designed by you, developing and enhancing your ICT skills. Clients will ask you for advice and their problems must be solved in a professional and accurate manner! Once the Law Clinic is successfully established, it’s time to make some money. You will need to brand and advertise your business, ready to make a pitch to potential buyers! Will you be successful with a sale?

This will be an excellent opportunity to hone the key skills that are needed for university and beyond, whether that will be on a Law, Business or ICT pathway.

The Arts Pathway is designed in order to allow you to engage with complex subject matter similar to content that you might approach at university or in further study of your subjects. As part of the programme, you will become more familiar with a number of art forms and cultures related to our overall theme – the sixties.

You will also have the opportunity to be creative within and critical about a wide range of media from an informed perspective.

The programme will provide opportunities to visit places and events and also to participate in a variety of activities from workshops, visiting artists and lectures to performances, debates and discussions. You will have the opportunity to work one- to-one with a member of subject staff who has experience of your intended specialism, and use this time to identify ways in which you can make yourself more attractive to universities. Current planned activities include a visit to Paris and The Globe Theatre, creating holistic links across each different aspect of the Arts.

In the Creative Arts, students will also take part in a number of drama and dance workshops, through which you will experience a taste of the different disciplines in preparation to visit a West End Theatre Performance. You will also have the opportunity to make links to different parts of the Arts – for example, set & costume design, dance, music and drama. You will also have the chance to experience a session in which a visiting artist will showcase techniques and discuss pathways with you. If music is where your interests lie, you will have the chance to deconstruct a pop song of your choice, considering production, context and arrangement.

As part of English, Media, Film and Modern Foreign Languages, you will explore representations and issues as presented in novels, drama, poetry, film and television from a wide range of periods and cultures. We will introduce the idea of the literary cannon and of high and low culture and debate its significance. We will be exploring a number of challenging literary and media texts from around the world with which you will not already be familiar and ask you to present your own ideas and responses. We will also give students the opportunity to create your own works of literature and media and present them to others.

The Science and Maths pathway is designed to support RSFC students who aspire to be tomorrow’s research scientists, engineers, healthcare professionals and policy makers. The programme contains a number of different strands, including a bespoke modular pathway, designed to support students with interests in different scientific and mathematical fields. All of the strands incorporate rigorous skill development and are intended to help you develop the skills needed to succeed on Science and Maths related courses at elite universities. Whether you aspire to be a surgeon or a nuclear physicist, the Science and Maths pathway will help you to reach your goal.

Modular Learning

Students choose up to four modules applicable to their needs and interests. Further guidance will be provided before enrichment begins.

  • Pathology
  • Sports Science
  • Biochemistry
  • Microbiology
  • Neuroscience
  • Pharmacy
  • Maths Challenge
  • Astrophysics
  • Forensic Genetics
  • Turning Points