Frequently asked questions

The Bursary Fund is a payment made to eligible students. The purpose of the Fund is to support students who may be at risk of leaving college due to financial hardship.
Support may be given on assessment in a variety of ways, including support with travel costs, equipment, books and other course related costs.

To receive regular support fromthe Fund, students must have100% attendance and punctuality. Unsatisfactory effort and behaviour can result in the support being withdrawn for a period of time.

An information pack which outlines the application process and lists the eligibility criteria is available from the Finance Office.

The care and well-being of all young people in the College is of paramount importance. The College takes seriously its legal responsibility with regard to The Children Act, 2004. The College actively promotes health awareness amongst students, and each member of the College community has an individual responsibility for health and safety. College staff cannot always offer absolute confidentiality to students. There are clear situations when it is essential that staff share information with their colleagues, for instance when there is suspicion or evidence that a student is in danger of being harmed or abused.

Please contact Dominic Pinto, Assistant Principal, or Heather Ellison, Assistant Principal, if you have any suspicions that a student is in danger of harm or abuse. We have a legal obligation to refer any suspicions of harm or abuse to the Rochdale Borough Child Safeguarding Board.

The procedure for dealing with complaints about any aspect of college life is detailed in the Complaints Policy on the College website. Parents should address their complaints directly to the Principal. Any complaints will be acknowledged within one working week.

RSFC will offer a variety of excursions to students during their time at the College, as we believe it enhances their education

  • Participation on most excursions is optional
  • For any excursions that are a compulsory part of an external examination specification, it will be paid for by the College
  • Any optional excursions where students have difficulty in meeting the expense incurred, they should consult their SPDL, as help might well be available
  • For all excursions out of college, parents/carers are required to complete an indemnity form to confirm their agreement with, and their understanding of, the arrangements
RSFC students are expected to dress in a manner appropriate to a purposeful, safe, secure and diverse sixth form college. Whilst we recognise that self expression is part of being an emerging adult, items of dress that may reasonably be expected to cause offence to any member of the College community, such as T-shirts bearing inappropriate languages or images, or particularly revealing items of clothing, are not allowed to be worn.

The College does have to make charges to students for certain additional activities. These are activities that are not compulsory parts of their course. It might well be a Business Studies trip to a local firm, or a History trip to Berlin, for example.

We believe that the education of our students is much enhanced by the many opportunities which are offered as activities and excursions out of the College, although they may not always be an essential part of any course, and as a result, are not funded by the Government.