Exhibition “Insight” 2021

Exhibition “Insight” 2021

Published: 28th June 2021

Exhibition “Insight” 2021

The annual summer art exhibition this year is virtual.

“Insight” is a unique collection of work produced by our talented Year 13 students of Art, Craft and Design. The show demonstrates diverse and innovative perspectives on creative work undertaken across many disciplines during this challenging year.

Portfolio themes are based on concepts developed around our young artists’ own areas of interest, from ‘Networks and Ecosystems’ to ‘The Fallen Angel’, from “Urban Architecture” to “Gluttony and the Culture of Excess”.

Our artists strive towards the same fundamental goals: to discover themselves and their voices as creatives within a vibrant art community, to reconsider the traditional concepts of what art is, and to develop their own critical thinking in response to the changing world around them, showing their unique perspectives on what it is to be human.

The students pushed through barriers, using the most basic of tools in innovative ways alongside traditional materials.  They repurposed household objects to create dyes and formed a range sculptural outcomes. These outcomes, in what has been the most unusual of years, are stunning. Exhibited is just a small snapshot of the accomplished and insightful pieces created during the 2-year A Level at RSFC.

RSFC has a proud history of inspiriting and developing successful artists, we wish our RSFC artists all the success they deserve in their future careers and look forward to seeing them flourish as critical thinkers, as creative makers and as individuals.

It has been a privilege to work with you all and we would like to say thank you for all of the support you have received from home. It is with great pride that we declare “Insight” open for our visitors, whilst we share and celebrate together.

Follow the directions on the guided tour to access the art gallery.

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Room 2    www.artsteps.com/embed/60c9ca40daee7f537a1fc993/560/315