Equality and Diversity

Equality and Diversity


Rochdale Sixth Form College is committed to protecting the individual rights and dignity of all individuals within the community and promoting equality of opportunity for all. We actively celebrate diversity within the community and foster a working and learning environment that is free from discrimination, harassment and victimisation.

We are committed to tackling all forms of discrimination and strive to remove barriers that may impact on an individual’s progress.


Our Equality and Diversity Objectives

Objective One

  • Create, sustain and celebrate an inclusive and diverse college community which advances equality of opportunity for everyone. We will do this by;
    a. Ensuring Equality and Diversity training is targeted to meet the needs of the College Community and is updated in-line with legislation and community needs.
    b. Ensuring reasonable adjustments are routinely considered as part of the student application and staff recruitment and selection processes.
    c. Celebrating diversity through cross College Equality and Diversity Events.

Over the next three years we will:
Develop still further the tutorial curriculum to proactively create opportunities to promote topical Equality and Diversity matters as well as ensuring naturally occurring opportunities are exploited within curriculum lessons.

Objective Two

  • Treat all the College Community with respect and dignity, and seek to provide an environment free from harassment, discrimination and victimisation, including by association and perception. We will do this by;
    a. Maintaining the College philosophy and culture which actively promotes and sustains equal treatment of all.
    b. Creating a culture where discrimination, prejudice and inequalities are challenged and eradicated.
    c. Ensuring policies on Complaints, Bullying and Harassment, Recruitment and Selection and Whistleblowing are easily accessible to staff and students and that they remain accurate and up-to-date.

Over the next three years we will:
Maintain the culture and ethos of the college and ensure all aspects of Equality and Diversity are fully embedded into the RSFC behaviours.

Objective Three

  • Devising a curriculum that meets the needs of the local community, embraces diversity and closes any achievement gaps. We will do this by;
    a. Delivering a tutorial programme that encourages discussion of a range of equality and diversity issues and celebrates key events such as LBGT and Black history month.
    b. Setting challenging targets for achievement, success and retention with regard to prior achievement and ensuring data is used to monitor and plan effective interventions for different groups of learners.
    c. Offering an enrichment programme that promotes inclusion and engages students sharing the protected characteristics.

Over the next three years we will:
Continue to monitor in-year and summative data to identify any significant achievement gaps, ensuring swift and effective action is taken as necessary.

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