The enrichment programme

The enrichment programme

There is more to life at RSFC than just gaining your qualificatoins. We want you to achieve your potential in, and out, of the classroom. That’s why all students at RSFC complement their academic studies by taking part in our extensive enrichment programme. Enrichment teaches you new skills and builds on your existing subject knowledge to make you stand out from the crowd when applying for university or employment.

In your first term, you will choose either a 12-week pre-graduate or pre-professional pathway. In the second term, you can either choose a different 12-week pre-graduate or pre-professional pathway, or choose an activity as part of the 12-week aspire programme.

Pre-graduate pathway

The pre-graduate pathway is based around specific subject areas and is designed to consolidate and develop your knowledge in preparation for university application. Some pre-graduate programmes link directly to existing A level subjects, whereas others are intended to bridge the gap between sixth form and university courses.

Pre-professional pathway

The pre-professional pathway is based around a career, rather than an academic subject, and is designed to develop your understanding of a specific job role. You will learn about the skills and knowledge needed for a certain type of employment and have the opportunity to undertake a related work placement.

Aspire programme

The aspire programme offers activities that provide you with wider skills that go beyond the traditional classroom, giving you an opportunity to pursue your own interests.

Below is more information about the enrichment courses currently on offer:

Select a pathway

  • Religion: Alternatives to the Big Six
  • Solving climate change
  • Upcycle, repurpose, redesign
  • Biochemistry and organic synthesis
  • An introduction to astrophysics
  • The Institute of Physics young lecturer competition
  • The world of William Blake
  • The gothic movement
  • American studies
  • 20th century British culture
  • Independent Cinema
  • ‘La Haine’ - A French classic
  • Ceramic sculpture
  • Introductory French
  • Introductory Spanish
  • Scandal, crisis and anarchy: kingship in medieval England
  • Modern history - The changing face of Europe
  • Disaster management
  • Politics
  • Gender studies
  • Criminology
  • Street law
  • Amnesty International
  • Introductory psychology
  • Behavioural economics
  • Business & Consumer Behaviour
  • Pre-marketing
  • Laboratory technician skills
  • Pre-nursing
  • The art of advertising
  • Psychological investigation
  • Pre-social work
  • Pre-journalism
  • Video editing
  • Becoming a writer
  • Mental health nursing
  • Anatomy & nursing
  • Make-up and fashion photography
  • Accounting:
  • Becoming a financial advisor
  • Coding and cyber security
  • Share trading
  • The law clinic
  • Yoga
  • An introduction to travelling and working abroad
  • First aid
  • Steer we go
  • Equality & diversity awareness

Enrichment courses

To explore all of our enrichment courses use the select a pathway to pick a pathway, then select a course and it will appear here.

Religion: Alternatives to the big six

Takes a look at the more niche corners of faith and spirituality. From the rise of digital religions such as ‘Dudeism’ to the druidic rituals of Paganism, we will discover how thousands of people’s day to day lives are shaped by the beliefs that generally don’t conform with those we are most familiar with.

Solving climate change

Our climate is changing. There are major concerns over the emissions of carbon dioxide and global governments have set targets to reduce emissions. This enrichment will consider the impact of the changes to our climate, look at simple models of why the climate is changing and then challenge students to come up with a way in which the UK can cut its emissions. This enrichment course is most suitable for students studying science or maths of some form, or those broadly interested in the environment and climate change.

Upcycle, repurpose, redesign

In this enrichment course, you will research key pollution issues and the elements that are becoming scarce. Students will make biodiesel from used vegetable oil and bio-plastic, an alternative to non-biodegradable plastics. You will also investigate and make recommendations as to how recycling can be implemented more effectively in college. This enrichment course is suitable for anyone with an interest in improving the environment but most suited to anyone with an interest in pursuing a career in engineering or science.

Biochemistry and organic synthesis

This enrichment course provides a hands-on practical approach to biochemistry and organic synthesis. Biochemical practicals will vary from the identification of analgesics to the extraction of DNA from strawberries, and organic practicals will include topic such as the production of Azo dyes. This enrichment course is ideal for A level chemistry students that want to deepen their knowledge beyond the standard curriculum and those interested in studying chemical/biochemical/biomedical courses at degree level.

An introduction to astrophysics

The planets, stars and galaxies make up 5% of the matter and energy contained in the Universe. This means 95% of the Universe is made of matter of which we have no understanding! As part of this course, you will learn about the amazing things we do know about the universe, such as the science behind rockets and black holes, as well as the things we are yet to discover, such as the complexity of dark matter and dark energy. If you are passionate about physics, then this is the course for you!

The Institute of Physics young lecturer competition

In this enrichment course, you will research an area of Physics related to your own specific area of interest. Upon completion of your research, you will then complete an academic poster that will be submitted as part of the Physics Young Lecturer Competition. This enrichment would be suitable for those that are studying physics at A level, or those that are passionate about the subject and want to develop their understanding beyond the traditional curriculum.

The world of William Blake

In this enrichment course, you will learn about the life and times of one of English literature’s best writers. Born towards the end of the 17th century, Blake’s poetry teems with references and inference to the turbulent times he lived through. From the French Revolution to the fears of encroaching industrialisation, from Hogarth’s notorious 'Gin Lane’ to Blake’s controversial religious views, this 12-week course will take you right to the heart of Early Romantic sensibilities and passions. This enrichment activity might be suitable for anyone studying subjects such as English, history or religious studies who wants to broaden their knowledge beyond the core curriculum.

The gothic movement

In the gothic movement enrichment course, you will explore four seminal texts of the genre - Frankenstein, Dracula, A Picture of Dorian Grey and Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde - and consider a number of exotic and esoteric theories thereof. You will look at issues of sexuality, gender, power, doubling, and the Other and consider how this genre, in particular, broke the mould of literary acceptability during the seemingly straight-laced Victorian era. This enrichment activity might be suitable to anyone considering studying subjects like English, history or philosophy at university.

American studies

In this enrichment programme, you will be introduced to some of the major topics in American history and explore their impact on culture, and specifically film. Some of the topics are The Western Frontier and Serenity, The Vietnam War and Avatar, The McCarthy Era and Bladerunner, The Civil Rights Movement and Milk and The Regan Era and American Psycho. This enrichment programme would be suitable for anyone studying subjects such as history, film studies or English, or simply those with an interest in exploring the cultural and historical impact of America as a nation.

20th-century British culture

In this enrichment course, you will study some of the major events in late 20th Century British history and their effects on British and global culture. Some of these topics are The rise of the far-right, skinhead culture and the influence of Margaret Thatcher; pop culture, Aids and the visibility of LGBTQ* people in the 80s; Tony Blair and the Gulf War in 90s pop culture. This enrichment programme would be suitable for anyone studying English, history, film or media studies, or those generally wanting to develop their research and analytical skills.

Independent cinema

Independent cinema is the term given to films produced outside the major film studio system. Indie films are not always concerned with the logic of profit, instead, these films often act as a platform to convey ideological messages and values. In this enrichment, you will study three independent films, exploring how they challenge the dominance of Hollywood cinema and raise awareness of important social, economical and political issues. This enrichment would be suitable for those studying media or film studies, or any students that are passionate about film.

‘La Haine’ - A French classic

As part of this enrichment course, you will study the 1995 French film, ‘La Haine’. We will analyse all aspects of the film, including narrative, theme and key aspects of cinematography. As well as this, we will consider how the film was influenced by the context of the time, and how it has gone on to shape 21st-century French culture. This enrichment course would be ideal for students who have studied French at GCSE and want to continue their study of languages, but may not be studying French at A level. It may also interest those doing A level media or film studies.

Ceramic sculpture

In this enrichment, you will use hand-building skills to sculpt an animal, creature or 3D head. You will get messy! Students will research and design their own outcome, build and create a structural form and refine the surface details over the length of the course. This activity is suitable for anyone considering studying within the creative field or the arts. In particular, it would suit artistic students wishing to branch into new media. Aprons are provided!

Introductory French

In this enrichment course, you will be introduced to key aspects of French language and culture. You will learn basic French, such as days, numbers and times, with the aim of giving you the language skills required when visiting a French-speaking country, be it for work or pleasure. This course is aimed at those that are total beginners to French that have not studied the subject at GCSE level.

Introductory Spanish

In this enrichment course, we will cover core aspects of the Spanish language to provide you with the elementary expressions that you might need whilst on holiday in Spain or on a business trip. You will learn greetings, numbers, how to say the time, places and directions, food and drinks, or how to ask for help. You will learn Spanish on an elementary and accessible level, which will help you to develop your communication skills, confidence and presentation skills. This course is aimed at total beginners to Spanish who have not studied the subject at GCSE level.

Scandal, crisis and anarchy: kingship in medieval England

In this enrichment programme, you will gain the chance to study three fascinating periods in England's medieval past

  • The year of crisis – 1066. Who had the greatest claim to the English throne?
  • The White Ship disaster - when medieval cruises go wrong! Why did England fall into Anarchy in the 1130s?
  • How bad was King John? The man that lost an empire!

This course would be suitable for anyone studying subjects such as history or English that want to broaden their knowledge in these areas, or those who are passionate about history and did not choose it as an A level subject.

Modern history - The changing face of Europe

In the current political climate, Europe is central to debate and divides opinions. However, what were the foundations of this? Discover three fascinating periods in European history:
- The Holy Roman Empire - was it Holy, Roman or an Empire?
- European witch-craze (c.1450-1750) - look at the religious, social, economic and political context: Why did witch hunts take place?
- European State System - Napoleon to World War One (1815-1914): Why did Europe go through so many changes in this period? Was war always inevitable?

This course would be suitable for anyone studying subjects like history, English or religious studies and those contemplating a similar subject at university.

Disaster management

In this enrichment course, you will learn about logistical and decision-making processes involved in managing disaster situations. This includes, but is not limited to, the development and use of map skills; the assessing of various forms of information; planning for refugee camps, and decision-making for the delivery of aid based on map-layer information. This enrichment course is most suitable to those that are studying subjects such as geography at A level, or students wishing to pursue a career or degree in a similar field.


This enrichment is designed to help students enhance their ability to interpret, evaluate and comment on the nature of politics. Ever wondered how laws are passed? Want to understand BREXIT better and the effect of such a complex political issue? Then this is the course for you! In this enrichment, you will have the opportunity to explore topics of race, multiculturalism, immigration and human rights, as well as looking at how the politics of the past affect the decisions of today. This enrichment is suitable for anyone studying subjects such as sociology/philosophy/history, students considering a degree in politics, or simply those that want to develop their general political understanding.

Gender studies

The enrichment course will broaden your perspective on how gender impacts the world in which we live. We will explore a range of different gender issues in contemporary society; some of these areas are gender, sex and bodies, gender and violence and work and gender. If you are passionate about exploring complex societal issues and challenging the status quo, then this is an enrichment that will give you knowledge that goes beyond traditional A level subjects. This course may interest those that are studying psychology and sociology, as there is significant overlap with those subjects.


Criminology enrichment is one of the most popular activities, linking well with psychology, sociology and other similar subjects. You will develop research skills by investigating case studies of infamous criminals and advance your analytical skills by exploring the different reasons why people commit crimes. This enrichment course is ideal for students studying psychology or sociology at A level, for those considering studying similar subjects at degree or for anyone interested in pursuing a career in areas such as law or social work.

Street Law

In this programme, you will study a range of legal issues that impact modern-day society. You will have the freedom to choose a specific legal area that interests you before planning and delivering a presentation to local primary school children on your chosen topic. This enrichment activity is suitable for those studying law, or any student that wants to hone their presentation skills, which is a form of assessment that is becoming more common at university.

Amnesty international

Amnesty international are an organisation who focus on human rights and are independent of any political ideology, economic interest or religion. In this enrichment, students will choose a campaign from the Amnesty International website and will campaign for that issue by creating leaflets and posters to distribute and raise awareness. Students will learn about the different aspects of human rights, from the legislative perspective to the moral and philosophical debates. This enrichment would be suitable for those studying law at A level, or any students looking to become involved in charity work or politics.

Introductory psychology

In this enrichment programme, you will study various core aspect of psychology. Some of the areas that we will consider are:

  • Addiction – what are the risk factors?
  • Gender… Fact or fiction?
  • Mental Health Disorders – What are they? How can they be treated?

This course would be suitable for those already studying A level psychology who want to broaden their knowledge of the subject, or those who are beginners to the subject area. Studying this enrichment will give you the expertise to further develop your interest in this fascinating subject area and go on to study psychology at university or pursue a number of career paths, such as criminal psychology, forensic psychology, mental health and social work.

Behavioural economics

In this enrichment course, students will learn about behavioural economics, which is a branch of economic research that adds elements of psychology to traditional models in an attempt to better-understand decision-making by investors, consumers and other economic participants. Students will be given the opportunity to explore this in more depth and review a range of experiments that have been completed already, as well as carry out their own. The inspiration for these will come from the leading behavioural economist, Richard Thaler.

Business & consumer behaviour

Why do you choose the things you buy? What do you consider a boring necessity or a fun luxury? What do you do with products once you’ve purchased them? When do you decide to get rid of them and why? This enrichment activity will investigate these questions and the methods businesses and other organisations use to guide and monitor consumer behaviour and the reasons behind consumer actions in the market place. This enrichment course will be useful for students studying business studies, economics or psychology at A level, or those broadly considering a future career in these fields.


In pre-marketing, you will gain first-hand experience of how businesses aim to influence the buying habits of customers and generate the maximum amount of profit, including their use of advertising and various promotional campaigns. You will visit a surprise famous local organisation who will set you a marketing challenge. You'll work on this in teams and prepare a professional written proposal and presentation to deliver to visitors from the organisation. This will be ideal for anyone wishing to pursue a career in business or a related field.

Laboratory technician skills

Becoming a lab technician is a science job you can go into without needing to go to university. You could help scientists with their work in all kinds of areas, from forensic science to research laboratories or charitable organisations. In this enrichment, you will research and plan a series of practical demonstrations to present to local schools and practise your analytical techniques in preparation for the Young Analyst Competition, where students from across the region compete demonstrating their practical skills. This enrichment is suitable for anyone studying science of some form that wants to develop their laboratory skills.


In this enrichment course, you will research the qualifications, skills and qualities needed to forge a career in nursing. You will explore the diverse range of pathways and career opportunities available within nursing, look at real-life accounts of nursing and consider the different challenges and opportunities that exist within different types of nursing role. This enrichment activity would be suitable for anyone studying subjects such as health and social care, sociology or psychology, or those interesting in later pursuing a career in some type of nursing.

The art of advertising

This is the perfect enrichment for anybody who has aspirations to work in the fields of advertising, marketing or product design. This enrichment will demonstrate the process, strategies and creativity required for successfully orchestrating an advertising campaign. Throughout the enrichment you will learn the various stages of how an advertising campaign is created through the study of qualitative and quantitative research, product placement, hooks, sell lines, imperatives and creative design.

Psychological investigation

In this enrichment course, you will become the psychologist! You will learn about different methods to study human behaviour and design and conduct your own research methods project. Studying ‘Psychological Investigation’ will be of great benefit if you study psychology, or want to study psychology at University, as you will learn first-hand how to conduct and analyse psychological research in a fun and stimulating environment.

Pre social work

In this course, you will learn about the responsibilities of social workers, including the skills and attributes needed to succeed in this profession. You will look at the successes and failures of social worker intervention by exploring a range of real-life case studies, as well as considering how social work impacts different groups, such as children, those with disabilities and the elderly. This enrichment will be suitable for those studying subjects such as sociology, health and social care or psychology, or those interested in potentially pursuing a career in social work or a similar field.


Journalists write and assemble together news stories that will interest their audience. By gathering together a number of different sources and ensuring that all the arguments are represented, they keep their audience abreast of events in their world. This enrichment course is designed to give you a feel for what it is like to be a journalist in this ever-changing media-saturated world. You will have the opportunity to plan, draft and publish your work, writing about topics of your choice. This enrichment would be suitable for those studying subjects such as English, or other essay-based subjects, or students interested in pursuing a career in journalism.

Video editing

In this enrichment course, you will learn how to edit using Adobe Premiere video editing software, the industry-standard tool for editing audio/visual material. In this enrichment course, you will have the opportunity to film short projects as part of a team and learn the fundamentals of video editing individually. The skills that you learn will be particularly relevant to those studying media or film studies, but equally may be useful to those that want to improve the aesthetic of their YouTube channel or students considering a career in the media.

Becoming a writer

In this enrichment activity, you will take the first steps into developing a professional writing portfolio. You will study a range of different genres through seminar-based teaching, looking at creative and innovative approaches to getting your ideas down on paper. Through seminar discussions, you will develop your work to a high standard and will even have the chance to enter your writing in a national writing competition. This enrichment activity is suitable for anyone considering a career in writing, but could also be useful for those who might want a career in copywriting or journalism.

Mental health nursing

Taking part in this specialised enrichment programme will deepen your understanding of what mental health is through learning about signs and symptoms of mental health disorders, such as schizophrenia. You will also learn about 'a day in the life of' a mental health nurse and the qualities, skills and qualifications required in order to perform this job role. This enrichment would be suitable for those considering a career within the field of mental health, or students studying subjects such as psychology, health and social care or science of some form.

Anatomy & nursing

In this enrichment programme, you will study core aspects of human anatomy in order to successfully pursue a career in nursing. This course is centred on improving your scientific knowledge through studying various aspects of human anatomy, considering the causes and symptoms of major human diseases, as well as the most influential factors that determine good health. This course would be suitable for those considering a career in nursing that want to develop their scientific knowledge or those students that generally want to boost their understanding of human anatomy.

Make-up and fashion photography

What key elements make a successful fashion or make-up photo-shoot? In this enrichment, you will learn to experiment to exploit lighting, pose, setting, make-up and hair to capture the perfect shot. Expect to use editing software to enhance the mood on your best model shots. This enrichment would be suitable for those studying A level art or media studies, or those considering a career in make-up or photography.


Do you want to be an accountant? The accounting enrichment will provide you with the knowledge and skills to start your professional journey into this lucrative career.  This will provide the perfect pathway to gain an apprenticeship in accounting or to study accounting at the top universities. You will find out how organisations manage their money and will really get a feel for this career. Apprenticeship placements for companies such as KPMG pay up to £21,000 from the age of 18 and this course will give you a competitive edge in securing a position. Kick start your career with this enrichment!

Becoming a financial advisor

In this enrichment course, you will learn the basics of financial literacy, such as how to create a budget, the compounding impact of debt, how mortgages work, why building an emergency fund is important and how to save for short-term goals such as holidays and a first car. This enrichment activity might be suitable for those studying subjects such as business or economics, students considering a career as a financial advisor or anyone looking to improve their personal finance knowledge for later life.

Coding and cybersecurity

This enrichment programme is designed to develop your coding skills, as well as your general knowledge about cybersecurity. As part of this course, you will take part in ‘Cyber Discover’, a national initiative run by HM Government’s Cyber Schools Programme, which culminates in a nationwide competition. This enrichment programme is ideal for students studying computer science or ICT, or those that want to develop an understanding of coding.

Share trading

In this enrichment programme, you will learn the basics of share trading and gain an understanding of the role of a stockbroker. The course will involve a team-based presentation, centred on the FTSE100, a simulation of share trading which will end with an internal competition. The course will culminate with an external competition in which you will compete against other colleges in the area. This is a prestigious course run in association with the University of Manchester. Share trading is ideal for anyone interested in areas such as business, economics, marketing or those that simply want to try something a bit different!

The law clinic

This enrichment is an invaluable opportunity for all students seeking to enter the legal profession. You will create your own legal clinic as a team, creating the firm’s branding, name and logo. You will then take on the work of a solicitor, learning about how they process a case from the first point of contact to how they research and win a case. This enrichment course aims to give you an insight into the pressures and demands of the legal profession and would be suitable for anyone studying law at A level or those considering law at university.


The beginnings of yoga were developed over 5000 years ago and it is still popular today all over the world for its physical and mental benefits. In this enrichment, a qualified and highly experienced teacher will introduce to the basic skills and ideas of yoga. You will learn how to do some of the core yoga positions and work on a range of exercises to improve your core strength, flexibility and range of motion.

An introduction to travelling and working abroad

This enrichment will provide you with the information, guidance and support on how to find work opportunities abroad, as well as volunteering. Experiencing other cultures and meeting people from all walks of life will significantly help you in your career and makes you stand out at interview. We will look at how to find work opportunities abroad, research accommodation and discover organisations that allow you to volunteer abroad for free.

First aid

This 12-week enrichment is led by a qualified instructor who will introduce you to some of the basic elements of first aid. You will learn how to assess an emergency situation and administer first aid to a casualty in a variety of situations, ranging from the treatment of shock to the specific techniques of cardiopulmonary resuscitation. At the end of this enrichment, if successful, you will gain a nationally recognised certificate in first aid awareness.

Steer we go

This extremely popular programme covers everything you will need to know to pass your driving theory test the first time! You will study the different aspects of the driving theory course, studying the wide range of rod signs and obscure laws that feature on the test. You will also complete a range of practice papers in a relaxed environment, work on the ‘hazard perception’ part of the course and even get to look under the bonnet of a car to test your technical knowledge.

Equality & diversity awareness

In today’s society, we must embrace and celebrate the inclusive and diverse world in which we live. The Equality & Diversity Awareness enrichment will help you to gain a better understanding of different faiths, physical and mental disabilities, ethnic minorities, LGBTQ+ issues and the discrimination that different minority groups face within society. We will be exploring world religion Day, LGBTQ history month, International Women’s Day, Black History Month, Chinese New Year, World Braille Day (understanding physical disabilities) and much more!