Disciplinary Code

Disciplinary Code

The RSFC Partnership

At RSFC we believe in entering into a partnership with every single student who walks through our doors – there is no ‘them and us’, staff and students work as a team. We believe in some basic principles. Everyone in the College has the responsibility to help create a happy learning environment. Put simply, we want everyone to feel as though they are treated as an individual, an exceptional and a valuable person.

We do not apologise for having high expectations and we expect all students to respond positively to the warm partnership existing between students and staff – that is the way it is at RSFC! On the rare occasion that we have concerns about their progress or behaviour, students may be subject to the RSFC Disciplinary Code as outlined here:

Academic Underperformance

Academic Underperformance may be caused by issues such as poor attendance and punctuality, a lack of work, poor time management or too many outside commitments. This type of problem will inevitably impact upon the outcomes for the student and the reaction to it by RSFC is to minimise the impact and to provide supportive systems to enable improvement in academic performance.

Informal Stage

If a teacher has concerns regarding a student’s progress in their subject, in the first instance they will discuss this with the student to identify where improvements can be made, actions to be taken and offer immediate support/ interventions. This is normal practice and outside the scope of this policy. However, should these concerns be prolonged, then the informal stage will commence.

SPDL Involvement

In the event that such measures prove to be ineffective the teacher, student and SPDL will devise an action plan to address the areas of concern.

Stage 1 Contract

If these actions are not completed to the agreed timescale then a stage 1 contract may be put in place by the SPDL and the parent/carer will be informed.

Stage 2 Contract

In exceptional circumstances, where it is deemed that the student is failing to respond positively to the support on offer and no progress is being made, the SPDL, in consultation with the Assistant Principal (Student Wellbeing and Academic Performance) may decide to escalate this to a stage 2 contract. Before initiating a stage 2 contract, the Assistant Principal (Student Wellbeing and Academic Performance) will normally call a meeting to which the student, their subject teachers, SPDL and their parents/carers will be invited.

Behaviour And Conduct

By signing the learning agreement (the ‘RSFC10’) at enrolment, students are accepting the terms and conditions of this policy which aims to ensure that staff and students can work in a safe and considerate environment that supports learning.

Student Disciplinary Procedure Summary

The Assistant Principal will decide whether the formal disciplinary procedure needs to be followed. If not, the Assistant Principal will communicate with the SPDL and decide on an appropriate action.


1) Informal Verbal Warning

2) Formal Verbal Warning

If an informal warning has already been given or if the misconduct is serious, the incident will be referred to the Assistant Principal (Student Wellbeing and Academic Performance) for investigation. The outcome of this investigation may be that the misconduct is serious enough to warrant a written warning but not serious enough to be referred to the Deputy Principal. When it is alleged that gross misconduct has occurred, a student may be suspended from college immediately by the Deputy Principal or Assistant Principal.