Physical education

Physical education

What is A level Physical education?

Typically, physical education is a practical subject that aims to increase students’ health and fitness and their capacity to perform in sports. At A-level, however, it is a subject that aims to provide students with an understanding of how the body and the mind of athletes work in order to achieve peak performance.

Entry requirements

5 GCSEs at grades 4 – 9, across four separate subjects, to include GCSE Mathematics and/or English/English Language.

Subject leader

Jamie Harrison

"I have had such an enjoyable experience studying A level PE at Rochdale Sixth Form College. The support from teachers ensured that I was always working to the best of my ability, in order to reach my potential. The vast array of resources and help from teachers meant that I have worked above my MTG for the duration of the course."

Eve Ryan

what will I study?

PHYSIOLOGY: In this module, you will take an in-depth look at how the body works during performance and recovery. Topics range from the sliding filament hypothesis of muscle contraction, the different energy systems used to regenerate ATP and how to increase performance levels through specialised training methods; all of these engaging topical areas are those that place you in an excellent position for university study within the field of sport, exercise and health. PSYCHOLOGY: Why do athletes sometimes perform really badly, even though their physical fitness levels seem optimal for their sport? Questions like this become much easier to answer once you have studied the different theories of arousal (excitement) and confidence, just to name two. We also take a look at whether home-field advantage exists or whether it is just a myth; with statistics worldwide in fact showing that it is real, we study theories that seek to prove why. EVALUATING CONTEMPORARY ISSUES: With news reports from across the globe unveiling athlete drug-doping scandals on an almost weekly basis, it is no surprise that we study these areas in Evaluating Contemporary Issues. We even debate whether athletes should simply be allowed to take performance enhancing drugs. Is it, as some suggest, something that the media and spectators actually want to see? Other negative items, such as hooliganism, are also studied here; we study reasons for hooliganism and what the police and other authorities can actually do to prevent it.

additional activities with this subject

Sporting enrichment activities are available for students to participate in with the college participating in the North West College Football League and Netball League. We have two Football teams and one Netball team who train weekly and compete in these leagues.


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