What is A level Mathematics?

Mathematics explores areas of pure mathematics such as geometry, algebra and trigonometry. It also deepens your knowledge of statistics and probability, considering the application of these in real life, including learning how to use and analyse a real-world large data set. Mechanics is a new topic to most students, this is the study of how things move and interact with each other.

Entry requirements

5 GCSEs at grades 4 – 9, across four separate subjects, to include GCSE Mathematics and/or English/English Language. In addition, a grade 6 or above is required in GCSE Mathematics.

Subject leader

Nicola Smith

"Maths is a fundamental subject that underpins every aspect of life so to be able to study it in further detail is extremely gratifying. The sense of accomplishment at being able to solve some of the most challenging questions is unparalleled and the support the maths department offers goes above and beyond. I feel really proud regarding my progression in maths and as a result my confidence has grown exponentially."

Georgia Gleave

what will I study?

In Year 1, you will be taught modules Core 1, Core 2 and Decision 1. These build upon knowledge learnt on the Higher GCSE paper, and extend your algebra skills. The core maths topics covered include sequences, coordinate geometry, circles, and trigonometry and also less familiar topics are taught such as differentiation integration and binomial expansions. All have a high algebra content but with practice become much easier! The Decision Maths module covers problems of logistics, using algorithms to solve problems such as efficient route planning or maximising profits. In year 2, you will be taught modules Core 3, Core 4 and Statistics 1. The core maths modules extend knowledge learnt in year 1 and covers topics such as partial fractions, functions, vectors and differential equations. The Statistics module introduces students to basic and conditional probability, correlation, the Normal Distribution and using confidence intervals amongst other topics. The statistics course is complementary to many subjects including science, psychology and geography.

additional activities with this subject

The UK Senior Maths Challenge is entered every year by a number of our Maths students, and a team represents the North West at a local competition. The Southampton Cipher challenge is also encouraged, and trips to visit universities and other career related fields are also taken. The CREST programme is on offer to those students who are part of the Science and Maths Honours programme.


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