What is A level Law?

Law is the most important thing in our lives as it governs what we can and can’t do. It is a set of rules and principles that must be followed by all.

Entry requirements

5 GCSEs at grades 4 – 9, across four separate subjects. In addition, a grade 4 or above is required in English language.

Subject leader

Alan Miller

"Law can always be applied to everyday life. The lessons are varied and the use of group work and different lesson formats definitely makes law one of the best subjects to study. The teachers themselves are genuinely really supportive and are accessible and approachable all the time. The subject is exciting and completely new to study, giving you transferable skills that can be used later in life."

Declan Larkin

what will I study?

In your first year you will study the foundations of the English Legal System. You will learn about the police powers to stop and search, arrest and detain a citizen, how bail is granted and the different sentences a Judge can impose. You will also study where law comes from and how it is made including Acts of Parliament and common law. The focus of your second year is Criminal Law. You will learn the legal principles of many serious crimes such as murder, manslaughter, GBH and burglary! Real life cases will be used to support your understanding of the crimes and how a person is found guilty.

additional activities with this subject

The Law, Business and ICT Honours Pathway is designed to give students a head start in an ever increasingly competitive legal and commercial world! You will research an area of Law in order to provide free advice in the form of a Law Clinic. This will be done through a professional website as designed by students, developing and enhancing your ICT skills. Clients will ask you for advice and their problems must be solved in a professional and accurate manner! You are then ready to sell your business but need to create the perfect pitch first. This will be an excellent opportunity to hone your key skills that are needed for university and beyond, whether that will be on a Law, Business or ICT pathway. In addition to this, the Law department offers a wide range of enrichment activities such as the opportunity to compete at the nationally recognised ‘Bar Mock Trial’, held at Manchester Crown Court. This is an excellent opportunity to work and think like a barrister as the case is presented in front of a real judge! Other enrichment activities include ‘The Law Society’ which will develop your research, debating and communication skills whilst allowing you to gain an insight into the legal profession. There are trips to the Crown Court as well as Law Careers Evenings which allow you to network with local solicitors and partners.


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