What is A level History?

History is the study of a range of periods of British and international history.

Entry requirements

5 GCSEs at grades 4 – 9, across four separate subjects. In addition, a grade 4 or above is required in English language.

Subject leader

Jamie Harrison

"Studying history at RSFC is absorbing as it encompasses a variety of topics; politics, religion, gender and ethics, making the subject constantly engrossing. The teaching staff are dedicated and supportive, which encourages the students to develop a passion for the subject themselves. History will teach you not only about the past, but about how much the past shapes the world we live in today."

Romy Nicholson

What will I study?

The Age of the Crusades, 1071-1204 What motivated both Christians and Muslims to wage ‘holy war’? Investigate the four crusades and participants including the zealous Christian Templars, the mysterious Muslim Assassins, as well as the Byzantine remnants of the Roman Empire. The age of the crusades witnessed a staggering clash of cultures and societies where greed and the pursuit of power clashed with sincere religious beliefs on an international stage. The Wars of the Roses, 1450-1499 Fifteenth-century England witnessed the destruction of the dynasty that had ruled for over three hundred years. The Plantagenets were a family divided between the house of Lancaster and the house of York. From the ‘madness’ of Henry VI, through to the glamour of Edward IV’s court, and the controversial rule of Richard III, one of the most vilified kings in English history, the houses fought for control of England and the support of ‘over mighty’ nobles. Study the real-life game of thrones and the ascent of the Tudors to power. American Military Interventions, 1798-2003 (Coursework) The nineteenth and twentieth centuries saw the rise of the United States to the ranks of global superpower. Choose a hundred-year period within this timescale and investigate the reasons for American intervention in the affairs of others through conflicts such as the world wars, Korea and Vietnam as well as more recent conflicts such as Kosovo, Afghanistan and Iraq.

Additional activities with this subject

Previously students have taken part in a trip to Berlin which included a visit to the Brandenburg Gate, and The Berlin Cathedral ‘The Story of Berlin’ museum. Other trips involve medieval battlefield sites and the historic city of York. There are also a range of opportunities for up and coming events and some history students, for example, attended a conference with the Dalai Lama and Russell Brand on issues surrounding peace at the MEN.


For September 2021


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