Further mathematics

Further mathematics

What is A level Further mathematics?

Further mathematics both broadens and deepens the material covered in A level mathematics. It allows you to study a wider variety of mathematics beyond the A level mathematics syllabus, including mathematics with real life applications in the growing world of artificial intelligence and logistics.

Entry requirements

5 GCSEs at grades 4 – 9, across four separate subjects, to include GCSE Mathematics and/or English/English Language. In addition, a grade 7 or above is required in GCSE Mathematics.

Subject leader

Nicola Smith

"I have really enjoyed further maths, especially the challenges it set for me. The subject really helps the development of your logical thinking, and really tests your grit. And the best thing is that the skills you develop are applicable to any subject or job!"

Peter Zeman

what will I study?

In Year 1, you will be taught modules Further Pure 1, Mechanics 1 and Decision 2. These build upon knowledge learnt on the AS Maths course and your GCSE course and further extends your algebra skills. The pure maths topics covered include matrices, conics, series expansions, and finding roots of polynomials; mechanics covers equations of motion, forces, vectors and projectiles and Decision covers topics such as the Simplex algorithm and Game Theory. All have a high algebra content and offer a great challenge to those who excel at Maths. In Year 2, students will study modules Further Pure 2, Mechanics 2 and Statistics 2 (having studied Statistics 1 in their Maths A level course). Further Pure covers topics such as mathematical proof by induction, hyperbolic functions and further work with complex numbers. Mechanics 2 builds on work studied in year 1 and extends knowledge to cover energy, circular motion and moments. Statistics 2 topics include the Poisson distribution, hypothesis testing and contingency tables.

additional activities with this subject

The UK Senior Maths Challenge is entered every year by a number of our Maths students, and a team represents the North West at a local competition. The Southampton Cipher challenge is also encouraged, and trips to visit universities and other career related fields are also taken. The CREST programme is on offer to those students who are part of the Science and Maths Honours Programme.


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