Future Pharmacists Visit Thackray Medical Museum

Future Pharmacists Visit Thackray Medical Museum

Published: 18th January 2018

Fourteen Pharmacy Honours Enrichment students at Rochdale Sixth Form College stepped back in time at the Thackery Medical Museum in Leeds this week.

The trip was arranged to give each of the students a greater appreciation for the marvellous medical breakthroughs we’ve experienced since the 1800’s.

The students spent the day researching medicines and discussing the dangers of antibiotic resistance.   They were even shown how to make medicines like aspirin.  From start to finish it was a thoroughly exhilarating and interactive day and everyone left the museum feeling thankful that they are living in the 21st century.

Nikola Janoska who is studying on the Pharmacy Enrichment Course said: “The visit gave me a real insight into how patients were treated back in the 1800’s and made me value the knowledge that we all have today.”

Hadia Jami who is also studying at Rochdale Sixth Form College said: “I found the entire trip so interesting and realistic too.  I feel that I can now truly visualise what it would have been like to be ill in the 1800’s and just how much science and in particular medicine has improved over the years.”

Stephanie Sdepanian, Teacher of Chemistry said: “We hope that this trip will encourage the students on the Pharmacy Honours Enrichment Course to continue their studies once they’ve completed their A Levels and who knows, one or two of them could go on to discover the next medical breakthrough.”