The RSFC Aspire Programme

About Our Programme

The following activities are available for selection this year. Choose an activity that will support you with future applications for university and or employment. All Aspire activities are focused on developing the following essential skills for further study and employment: 1. Presentation skills 2. Lateral thinking 3. Independent research 4. Reading skills 5. Effective communication 6. Critical thinking and problem solving 7. Resilience and resourcefulness

Pre-Professional and Career-Based

Are you interested in a career in journalism? Perfect for budding journalists, the student magazine will allow you to write about your lives, likes, experiences and friends at RSFC.
Thinking of becoming a teacher? Get to grips with the skills needed to teach and work alongside other teachers on work placements. Prepare for the skills tests required for admission to teaching degrees and develop your lesson planning in skills-based workshops.
Thinking of becoming a nurse? Come and learn the skills that you will need to improve your chances of a successful application. Complete work experience in a care setting to boost your application to university and develop the skills and competences required for a career in this field.
The Bar Mock Trial is a national competition where you will compete against other colleges in front of a real Crown Court Judge! The role of a barrister involves thinking on your feet and confidently questioning different witnesses, whilst being a witness involves acting just like that person... it may be the defendant! You will use communication skills, presentation skills, independent research and problem solving skills in this enrichment which is highly regarded by universities.
Thinking of progressing to a career in Law? The Law Society will provide a valuable insight into university life and a career in Law. You will develop the skills and aptitudes required for a career within the Legal Profession.
Medical Society is a strand available to students on the Science and Maths Honours Pathway. As part of RSFC Medical Society you will spend time looking at the different careers and specialisms available within Medicine and meet with practising doctors to discuss their work and support your applications to university.
Want to change the World? Interested in Politics? The MUN enrichment will develop your understanding of diplomacy and international relations through an academic competition which will allow you to develop skills in diplomacy, public speaking and debating – perfect preparation for a budding Prime Minister!
If you are interested in working within a care role such as Social Work or working with children, the Careers in Caring enrichment provides you with the opportunity to learn more about the variety of roles within this sector. You will also develop a range of practical skills required for progression into a care role.
Develop your understanding of how different branches of science are used to solve crimes. Draw on your knowledge to find strategies to solve crimes and provide explanations based upon scientific evidence.

Creative, Practical and Logical

The DofE is one of the most enjoyable and valuable activities that a young adult can do. A DofE Award is highly valued and recognised by colleges, employers and universities. Achieving a Gold DofE Award helps to bridge the gap between education and employment with many companies viewing the DofE as a mark of excellence when choosing candidates for interview.
Explore the Photoshop features and creative options and develop efficient ways to perform common editing tasks using Adobe Photoshop CS6.
Keep your wits about you when playing this intense strategy game. Be prepared to think logically and strategically to achieve the ultimate checkmate!
Learn to use programming language to develop and write your own computer programmes in this hands-on course.skills in this enrichment which is highly regarded by universities.
Develop the skills required to capture those perfect moments and use your creativity to achieve a flawless shot.
Fancy yourself as the next ‘Chaser’? Test yourself in the Ultimate Quiz; brush up on your knowledge of a range of topics and then take the challenge to become the Ultimate Quiz champion!to discuss their work and support your applications to university.
Immerse yourself in a battle of words and develop your vocabulary as you compete to become the ultimate scrabble champion.

Social and Community

Develop the skills and knowledge required to effectively work with, and support, people with a range of disabilities. Find out more about the issues that concern disabled people and what you can do to help.
Contribute towards the development of employability skills across the college. Organise events to showcase employability skills in fun and exciting ways.
Give back to the community and gain valuable skills through volunteering in local organisations and supporting local people.
Develop the skills required to deliver emergency First Aid. You will receive a certificate from St. John’s Ambulance Brigade for completing the course.
Raise the profile of equality and diversity across the college through the organisation of events to celebrate the interesting and diverse communities that we live in!


Debating develops confidence and skills in analysis and critical thinking, it can improve exam results and taking part looks excellent on university applications.
Frequently based upon myths, Greek Tragedy is a form of theatre from Ancient Greece. Develop your general knowledge and critical thinking through discussion and debate relating to this ancient art form.skills in this enrichment which is highly regarded by universities.
Do you enjoy debating complex issues? Theological debate will allow you to develop your understanding of spiritual, moral, social and cultural dilemmas relating to religious beliefs.
Tragedy; Science Fiction; Gothic; Horror or Comedy; whatever your preference, book club will allow you to delve into the deeper meaning of literature and discuss this with fellow enthusiasts.
Immerse yourself in the history of the World and develop your understanding of major historical events and key influencers of the past in this exciting and informative society.
Develop your understanding of this popular interdisciplinary subject drawing on research and theories from Sociology, Psychology and Law amongst others.

Physical and Mental Wellbeing

The football enrichment programme incorporates the college football teams and also recreational football. Join the RSFC Football Team and represent the college in the North West College League. The recreational football (term 1 only) involves taking part in a small sided tournament, each week. The focus of the enrichment is to take part in competitive football in a fun and friendly way. It is also a great opportunity to keep fit.
Join the RSFC Netball Team and represent the college in the North West College League.
Have fun and keep fit with the Rochdale Runners. You will run as a group each week working towards completing the Great Manchester Run in May.
Improve your physical and mental wellbeing with a yoga session each week. Proven to develop strength, flexibility and breathing yoga is a perfect way to relax whilst exercising.
Have fun learning to skate whilst exercising and keeping fit! Perfect for both beginners and more experienced skaters.
Improve your mental wellbeing and develop essential skills to overcome stresses and strains and appreciate the world around you.

Music Performance

Guitar, Cello, Piano or Violin; beginner or advanced, musical strings is the perfect activity to develop your musical skills and perform with a group.
Sing, dance and meet new people! Singing is good for you. It’s proven – you live happier and healthier! Come and sing some great songs and have a brilliant time with performance opportunities every term !
Audition to be part of the cast, or if the spotlight is not for you, perform by joining the band or play a vital role in helping to run the performance as part of the technical and set design teams.
Develop your physical and performance skills in ballet, contemporary and jazz. A perfect opportunity for students studying A level Dance to hone their skills.
Take your drumming to the next level with support and guidance to develop your skills.
Led by a member of the world famous Black Dyke Brass Band you will explore your musical talents and perform in the RSFC Brass and Woodwind Band.
Do you enjoy sharing your thoughts on current issues and popular music? Join the college radio station and have your voice heard throughout the college!


Learn the basics of this widely spoken language and put your learning to the test in Arabic conversation.
A vibrant introduction to the third most spoken language in the World.
Begin an exploration of the German vocabulary and learn the basics of the most widely spoken native language in the European Union.
Learn the basics of sign language and how to communicate with people with hearing impairments.