The RSFC Aspire Programme

About Our Programme

The following activities are available for selection this year. Choose an activity that will support you with future applications for university and or employment. All Aspire activities are focused on developing the following essential skills for further study and employment: 1. Presentation skills 2. Lateral thinking 3. Independent research 4. Reading skills 5. Effective communication 6. Critical thinking and problem solving 7. Resilience and resourcefulness

Professional and Career-Based

Thinking about a career within education or working with young people? Then why not consider following RSFC's pre-teaching programme? This programme will not only introduce you to the skills required for work in this sector, but it will help you make connections with professionals in the local area. You will join a primary school for a weekly placement of 8 weeks, listen to a headteacher to explore requirements for work in this area and work with other students to share and develop your career aims. A must for those thinking of a career in teaching and youth work.
Thinking of becoming a nurse? Come and learn the skills that you will need to improve your chances of a successful application. Complete work experience in a care setting to boost your application to university and develop the skills and competences required for a carer in this field. During this enrichment, students ill learn about factors nurses need to consider when dealing with patients with mental health. Students will learn the symptoms, theories and treatments of a range of mental health issues. Students will have talks from nurses with Q&A about working in the mental health profession. Students will also get to learn basic practical nursing skills such as how to take a person's blood pressure, de-escalation and some basic first aid.
Do you think that you have what it takes to enter the legal world? The Law Society will help you to develop many of the skills you need such as mooting, researching and being able to work effectively with others. You will take part in a trial, maybe as a barrister or as a member of the jury, and conduct your own legal research to publish a magazine. You will also get to experience a real life courtroom and see what it is like to study Law at university to help make your mind up!
Develop your understanding of how different branches of science are used to solve crimes. This enrichment enables you to draw on your knowledge to find strategies to solve crimes and provide explanations based upon scientific evidence!

Creative, Practical and Logical

The DofE is one of the most enjoyable and valuable activities that a young adult can do and a chance for you to really go the extra mile! A DofE Award is highly valued and recognised by colleges, employers and universities, and achieving a Gold DofE Award helps to bridge the gap between education and employment with many companies viewing the DofE as a mark of excellence when choosing candidates for interview.
This enrichment will offer you the opportunity to go outside of the bounds of normal professional, journalistic, academic or technical forms of literature and instead delve into narrative craft and character development. You will enhance your writing skills with the help of an M.A. specialist in creative writing, and get the chance to have your work published, attend seminars aimed at improving your work, meet published authors, and go on a number of creative writing trips.
This is the chance for you to find out what it’s really like to set up and run a business. Students make all decisions about their company; the company name and product, a business plan, managing finances, selling to the public and ultimately winding up the company. All this takes place with the support of a Business Adviser who brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise. If you see yourself on Dragon’s Den, this is the enrichment for you!
Have you ever wanted to become a magician and impress your family and friends? Do you want to know the secrets a magician should never reveal? Ever wondered ‘how did they do that?!’ With this enrichment, you can impress anyone, anytime, anywhere, and it gives you the chance to be part of the College’s very own ‘Magic Circle’! “Magic is believing in yourself, if you can do that, you can make anything happen.”
Do you really like exercising your brain and figuring out the answers? Nothing beats the feeling of solving a challenging puzzle. In this enrichment you will learn how to think creatively to solve a dizzying variety of puzzles. Test yourself with this interesting enrichment, packed with clever ways to figure out the solutions to the most complex brainteasers!
Fancy solving a murder? In this enrichment, you will investigate a crime scene and analyse your evidence. You will then swap your gloves for a barrister’s wig, take your case to trial and be part of a real-life courtroom drama. With inspiring visits from professionals and attending their places of work – see how courtrooms really work! Will you be able to convict your criminal or will your case be thrown out of court?
Calling all film fans! This enrichment offers a complete guide to the key movements that have defined cinema, from the silent era to the present day. You’ll get the chance to watch and analyse a whole range of films, across all different genres, some of which you have never seen or even heard of before. This exciting and informative enrichment is guaranteed to convert you from a film fan to a true film connoisseur!
Make the jump from L to P, right here at RSFC! 17 is the legal age where the excitement of learning to drive becomes real, and this enrichment enables you to come to grips with safety, laws, rules and regulations. This is a course that prepares you to take your driving theory test before you can embark on the ‘holy grail’ of completing your practical. Covering everything you will need to know about driving, it is an extension from practical learning.
This enrichment will help you to build an exciting portfolio for your university or employment application. Particularly tailored for art, fashion, architecture and photography students applying for degrees, apprenticeships and careers in the Arts, this course will assist you in developing a portfolio that really reflects you and your ideas!

Social and Community

Give back to the community and gain valuable skills through volunteering in local organisations and supporting local people.
This course will ensure you develop the skills required to deliver emergency first aid. You will receive a certificate for successfully completing the course.
Share your love of a subject or hobby with others, young and old. In this enrichment, you will work with 3 of your peers to plan and deliver a workshop to community groups. For example, a sports, ICT, art or poetry session. In addition to developing subject knowledge, this will help you to develop a full range of employability skills. Having volunteering experience on your university or job application is a huge positive!
What people believe really can change the world! In this enrichment, you will explore the beliefs of the major religions of the world, through visits to places of worship within the Manchester area. You will get to discuss your ideas and ask questions to members of the different faiths.
Improve your mental wellbeing and develop essential skills to overcome stresses and strains, as well as appreciate the world around you.
If you are a young activist who has a passion for current affairs, campaigning and fundraising, this enrichment is for you! There are a wide range of issues seen regularly in the media, from Human Rights and free speech, to migration and asylum, and this is your chance to learn about and explore these issues further. You will develop great skills and experience for your future university or job applications, and have the opportunity to converse with Amnesty speakers when they visit the College as part of the course.


Debating develops confidence and skills in analysis and critical thinking; it can improve exam results and taking part looks excellent on university applications. Not only that, it’s great fun! You’ll get to experience independent and group debate, fine tune your case making skills and meet new people along the way
Develop your understanding of this popular interdisciplinary subject drawing on research and theories from Sociology, Psychology and Law, amongst others. You’ll develop an in depth appreciation of the criminal justice system and be exposed to the many deep and diverse areas of criminology!
The CREST Awards scheme is Britain’s largest national award scheme for project work in the STEM subjects (Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths). Over 30,000 young people across Britain have achieved a CREST Award in the last year alone. There are three different levels of project work (Bronze, Silver and Gold) that students can complete. At RSFC we will aim for students to achieve CREST silver award with the option to move onto CREST gold. CREST is a fantastic opportunity to build on some key employability skills and for future scientists and mathematicians to deepen their repertoire of knowledge within these fields of study.

Sport and Physical

The College enters a highly competitive football league, which consists of organised fixtures. During the season, the teams will train on a Monday night in preparation for Wednesday games. As the season unfolds, the top four teams from each league will enter the playoffs. The final is held at a neutral professional/semiprofessional court.
The College enters a highly competitive netball league, which consists of organised fixtures. During the season, the teams will train on a Monday night in preparation for Wednesday games. There is an opportunity to be coached by a qualified England Netball coach throughout the year in preparation for your games. As the season unfolds, the top four teams from each league will enter playoffs against each other. The final is held at a neutral professional/semi-professional ground.
Have fun and keep fit with the Rochdale Runners. You will run as a group each week, working towards completing the Great Manchester Run on 20th May 2018!
Aikido is an incredible martial art with many self-defence theories and applications. Using an active awareness of distance and position, Aikido works by blending with or ‘stealing’ energy from your attacker, and redirecting it into a throw or lock. You will learn to develop total mind and body coordination through a series of Japanese exercises, originating from the Samurai, including flexibility, a calmer mind and an immovable structure!
The College offers an opportunity for girls to come down and play some football. You will be coached by a level 2 football coach from Bolton Wanderers and the sessions are guaranteed to be fun, energetic and enjoyable. Throughout the year, we will enter competitions and play friendlies again other colleges to keep the programme competitive.
This exciting enrichment course will enable you to enjoy sessions of sailing, kayaking, canoeing, and windsailing! If you like an adrenaline rush and want to get involved in something active and a little bit different, this is the enrichment for you!

Music and Performance

As part of this enrichment, you will explore your musical talents and perform with other RSFC musicians. Whether you play anything from guitar to piano or cello to violin; beginner or advanced, Music Group is the perfect activity to help develop your musical skills and perform within a group. You will also be encouraged to play at certain functions!
Sing, dance and meet new people! Singing is good for you. It’s proven – you live happier and healthier! Come and sing some great songs and have a brilliant time with performance opportunities every term!
All the world’s a stage! Following in the footsteps of some of our previous students and taking part in successful productions such as Grease, Boogie Nights and We Will Rock You!, you can audition to be part of our College musical. Be part of our talented cast, or if the spotlight is not for you, perform with the band or play a vital role in helping to run the performance as part of the technical and set design teams.
If centre stage isn’t for you, technical theatre or set design could be! Play a vital role in the College Musical through supporting the performance backstage; ensuring the spotlight remains exactly where it should be!
Ever wanted to record your own album? Are you a budding musician, singer or songwriter wanting to hone your performance technique? Do you want more opportunity to perform in gigs? Whether you are an experienced performer, or a musician wanting to try gigging for the first time, join RSFC’s very own Live Lounge. You will plan and perform, experiment with different styles, and produce and sell an album of your work. This could be the key to chart topping success!
Do you see yourself as the next Peter Kay or Jack Whitehall? What really makes a good stand-up comedian? This enrichment gives a practical guide on how to develop your comedy and how to improve your presentation skills. During the sessions, you will create a routine and perform this set in front of an audience at a charity event!


Arabic is the official language in the 22 countries that form the Arab League, and is the 5th most spoken language in the world. It has also contributed numerous words to the English language. This course looks at learning basic phrases in Arabic, as well as the basic Arabic grammatical rules. Each lesson is based on a book, which is for English speaking students and originally devised and taught at the Madinah University in Saudi Arabia.
Sessions will cover aspects of Spanish language to provide students with the necessary Spanish that they might need whilst on a holiday in Spain or any Spanish speaking country. Students will develop their cultural knowledge, through learning the language on a basic, accessible level. This will help them develop communication skills, confidence, and their presentation skills as well as their employability. Muy bien!
You will be given all the tools to survive during a holiday in France or a French speaking country! From simple conversation to using your knowledge on a business trip, you will be given the opportunity to develop any French learnt previously, as well as developing your communication skills, confidence and employability. Très bon!
Learn the basics of sign language and how to communicate with people with hearing impairments.