Absence Policy

What If My Son / Daughter Is Absent?

Your son/daughter has received information relating to our expectations for attendance and punctuality. Our expectations are summarised below for your information.

Excellent attendance is one of the key factors to a student’s success at the College. It is the students responsibility to have a high attendance rate and prompt start to all classes – this is a top priority. Attendance is always required on references for universities and employers!

Your son/daughter’s SPDL will review their attendance on a daily basis and will discuss any difficulties/concerns relating to attendance or punctuality with them on a regular basis. Your son/daughter’s attendance record is available to view on Cedar and you will receive a text message each day an absence is recorded.

Any absence from college will be recorded on a student’s attendance record. The College recognises that some absences are unavoidable and will authorise these. Routine medical and dental appointments are not permitted reasons to be absent and will be recorded as unauthorised. Evidence of absences should be taken to the Student Administration Office situated on the first floor. Depending on the nature of the absence, it may be advisable for your son/ daughter to speak to their SPDL.
All other absence will be classed as unauthorised. These are absences where there are not adequate reasons to justify missing classes. As with all absences, a parent or carer will need to contact the College before 9am on each day of absence. The College has a commitment to notify the main contact supplied on your son/daughter’s application form about unauthorised absences. On each day of absence we will send a text message to the main contact even if an absence has been reported. Your son/daughter’s SPDL will discuss any unauthorised absences with them each week.

Permitted Absence

  • Hospital or orthodontist appointments which cannot be arranged outside College hours, backed by evidence of an appointment card or letter from the health provider to Student Admin
  • A family bereavement
  • Attendance at a family funeral, a letter/phone call is required from a parent/carer
  • Religious festivals notified in advance (24 hours) by a letter/ phone call from a parent/carer
  • Visit to a university to attend an open day or interview; a career related interview or audition, production of a letter required before to the student's SPDL
  • Driving test and theory test (not a lesson), evidence required

Unauthorised Absence

  • Illness (a student's SPDL will discuss any specific support arrangements a student requires for longer term illnesses and any unique circumstances they may have)
  • Holidays during term time
  • Doctor’s/Dentist’s appointment
  • Part or full time work
  • Leisure activities
  • Birthdays or similar celebrations
  • Religious festivals not notified at least 24 hours in advance
  • Babysitting younger siblings
  • Accompanying family members to appointments
  • Driving lessons
  • Exclusion from lessons or the College site
  • Any permitted absence where evidence is required but has not been provided
  • Work experience - not in enrichment time

A parent/carer should ring the Attendance Line on 01706 769819 before 10am (but ideally before 9am)
  • Your son/daughter’s full name and date of birth
  • Reason for absence
  • First date of absence (and time if less than a full day)
  • Last date of absence if known (and time if less than a full day)
If your son/daughter is at college and feel they have to go home early they will need to see their SPDL. If the SPDL supports their absence your son/daughter’s main contact will be informed that they are going home.
Prior to the planned absence, your son/daughter should visit the Student Administration Office taking any evidence they can provide. Your son/ daughter will be advised whether their absence will be classed as a permitted absence or an unauthorised absence. Religious holidays must be notified at least 24 hours in advance to be classed as a permitted absence.
If your son/daughter is going to be absent from any subject or enrichment classes because they have an activity planned in a different subject, their absence will be permitted. Students are asked to inform teachers of any lessons they will miss in advance.
If a student arrives late they should go straight to class where they will be marked present but late. Students are asked to speak to their teacher at the end of the class to explain the reason for their lateness and to check that they have not been marked as absent. If a student arrives late for a class on a regular basis their teacher will discuss this with them and may speak with their SPDL. Your son/daughter’s SPDL will speak with them about any patterns of unacceptable punctuality. If a student has arrived so late that they have missed a class and they think the reason may be a permitted one, then they should go to the Student Administration Office when they have their next break. If your son/daughter knows they are going to miss a class due to lateness they should inform the Student Administration Office on the Attendance Line. Your son/ daughter’s main contact will receive a text message each day they miss one or more lessons due to lateness.
Your son/daughter’s attendance data will be available to view on a live basis on Cedar; the College portal. If your son/ daughter thinks that their attendance record is incorrect, your son/daughter should discuss the issue with the teacher concerned. Marks will not be changed where prior evidence was required but not produced in advance.